Hydraulic Monkey Climbing Pole/Jack

1,we are the only one factory can do this type in China.
2, max height: 1350mm
3, material :aluminum shell + steel (pump core)
4, oil bladder to store oil (patent)
5, Mechanical locking device at the bottom   (Prevents objects from falling and injuring people if the jack fails.)
6, min height : 930mm
7, max lifting weight : about 3 ton -4ton
8, application min temperature: -30°
9, Repair, extrication and rescue,3 in one
10. Universal base (patent)
11.weight: 10.5kg
12,packing size: 1000x240x170mm
13,No matter how it is placed and for how long, there is no leakage of lubricant and the lubricant inside is infinitely recyclable.
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